what is apps4citizens?

This project aims to promote the use of apps as a tool to improve democratic qualities in the process of decision-making through political and social citizens’ engagement.

The project is compound by four initiatives

  • appteca: a compilation of apps classified by main fields and core ideas.
  • festivalapp: recognition of most relevant apps in each field of interest.
  • hackapp: development of apps in order to figure out previously defined problems.
  • wikapp: knowledge and reflections related to main fields and core ideas.


Bearing in mind the wide range of Mobile applications in the world, as well as the natural criteria to select them, in relation to our main objective, we have predefined five core axis filtering potential apps:
Applications that give citizens the ability to act and / or organize politically and socially. 
Applications that provide public services based on the data provided by the citizens themselves or from the information generated by their activity.
Applications that promote civic values and attitudes through participation / involvement of citizens.
Applications that promote social inclusion through citizens’ contribution.
Applications that promote policy through the monitoring information, transparency and accountability.
All apps compiled below “apps4citizens” concept could fit at least in one of this five axis: mobility, urban space, nature, economy, procedures, health and culture.

Function and participation

Each field and core axis (through the four mentioned activities) is supported by one or several mentors, experienced in the assessment and advice related to their field. Mentors enhance the selection of apps and reversed their knowledge in the project. Everyone is able to suggest an app, which will be then assessed by the group of experts.

Any user is able to evaluate the functioning of an app. Those apps more relevant in each field or core axis will be visualized on the website, so people interested in them could find them easily.